Visit, Tourist Attractions on Wakatobi Island Must Be Exciting

Ever felt like you wanted to ‘Escape’ for a moment from modern technological advances, and be accompanied by the clear sea and the blue sky? If so, you need to visit Wakatobi Island, which is located in the southeast of Sulawesi, precisely in the middle of the Banda Sea, wangi-wangi islands, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko (Wakatobi). Being a paradise for diving admirers, Wakatobi has one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Indonesia.

However, Wakatobi is not just a diving destination because you can still enjoy the rich nature, culture, and also the hospitality of the people there. Starting from various traditional villages, ancient relics, to forests that have not been touche at all and can be found there. Curious anywhere? Come on, see interesting places on Wakatobi Island that you can visit. Here is the review!

Visit, Tourist Attractions on Wakatobi Island Must Be Exciting

1. Wakatobi National Park

This diving enthusiast paradise has 750 of the total 850 coral species in the world. No wonder marine tourism is a mainstay tourist activity in the Wakatobi Islands National Park.

Not only coral clusters and various types of fish are sufficient under the sea, but Wakatobi Island has loyal ‘Guests’ who make the waters there into its playground, namely sperm whales. Herds of these animals usually begin to be seen in November when the waters of Wakatobi are warmer than the seas in other parts of the earth.

In addition, you can also find manta rays that are only found in tropical waters. Surrounded by a 600 km long beach, this natural tourist attraction on Wakatobi Island has great potential if its existence continues to be maintaine.

2. Cave Lake on Wangi-Wangi Island

Not only amazing sea tourism, Wakatobi Island also has a series of caves that are no less captivating. Telaga Gua is one of the small islands calle Wangi-Wangi offers its own charm with its clear and clean water.

Some of the famous cave lakes are Kontamale Cave Water and Kosapi Tee Cave Water. Both of these places can be accesse by car or motorbike about 15 minutes from downtown Wanci, Wangi-Wangi district. Although this cave belongs to the local government, the community often uses its water as a source of spring water.

For those of you who like adventure, you can explore the vastness of this cave where there are springs and also stalagmite and stalactite decorating the walls of the cave. What are you waiting for? Come on, visit a series of cave lakes on Wakatobi Island.

3. Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park

For those of you who prefer adventures on land, you can visit the Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park on Wakatobi Island. The place, which has an area of 1,050 square km, is fille with various vegetation, ranging from savannas to mangrove forests.

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If you visit there during the rainy season. Then you can see the green expanse of savanna with the background of Mount Watumohai. For those of you who are fans of camping and night photos. You can capture the view of the tent above the hills with the expanse of stars in the sky as the background.

You can also find various types of birds there, such as eagles, maleos, and small yellow-crested cockatoos. Exploring this place can also be done on a high speed dirt bike through challenging tracks and dirt mounds. This, this article review that discusses Wakatobi Island. If you want to visit this tourist spot then prepare all your needs. So that there are no obstacles whatsoever when exploring this place.

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