Wakatobi Islands, The Underwater Paradise in Indonesia

If you’re a fan of the beach and underwater life, then Wakatobi Islands are one of the destinations that you must visit. Wakatobi consists of 4 islands, they are Binongko, Kaledupa, Wangi-Wangi and Tomia. Of all 4 islands, Wang-Wang is one of the busiest islands. However, overall, each island offers natural beauty that you won’t find in other islands in the world!

As it contains many islands, there are also many species of fish, coral, and dive spots that visitors can enjoy. So, if you’re planning to visit Wakatobi Islands, make sure to prepare your diving and snorkeling gear!

Where is Wakatobi? How to Get There?

Despite its natural beauty, the location of Wakatobi is hard to reach. This underwater paradise is on the northeastern coast of Sulawesi. However, getting to the island is the challenging part. There are public boats that can bring you to the island, however, it is quite rare. There is also minimum information about the local homestays. Therefore, before coming here it is important to determine which island to go to.

When reaching Wakatobi, you can reach the island by catching a flight from Kendari. From Kendari you will have to fly to Matahaora Airport which is in Wakatobi. Remember that the flight is only available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Best Time to Visit

Wakatobi Islands is beautiful throughout the year. The water is clean and clear every day, visitors can come here any time of the year. However, if you want to see the best species of fish then come around March to Mei or October to December. These are the most ideal time to visit Wakatobi as the species are normally easier to find underwater.

The Best Attractions at Wakatobi

There are so many spots and fun activities that you can do when you reach Wakatobi Islands. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll surely get an unforgettable experience. However, if you’re looking for the best ones, here are some recommendations:

1. Sunrise & Dolphin Watching

If you’re amazed by dolphin watching in Bali, then just wait until you visit the Banda Sea. In this area, you can see tons of dolphins swimming, hopping, and dancing around! Not only one but up to hundreds of dolphins at once. To get a better experience, come early in the morning so you can catch the beautiful sunrise.

2. Visiting Bajo Sempela

Try visiting a traditional village such as Bajo Sempela. This is a small village in the middle of the sea which is occupied by the Suku Bajo. In this village, visitors can learn more about the history of Wakatobi and purchase hand-crafted souvenirs made by the locals.

3. Diving & Snorkeling

Diving is a must when you reach one of the islands of Wakatobi. There are around 50 spots that you can try, so make sure to choose the best spots. As for those who can’t dive, don’t worry because many snorkeling spots offer great scenery too.

To enjoy all the beautiful scenery and fun activities, visitors must pay an entrance fee of around Rp 160.000. However, you will have to pay extra for every additional activity you do such as dolphin watching or diving.

So, if you’re looking for a new paradise in Indonesia, then surely try Wakatobi Islands. This island is also not too popular compared to other destinations. Therefore, it is not too crowded either. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday on this island!

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