Weh Island, the (Kind of) Abandoned Tiny Island in Malacca Strait

Looking for a remote place to come and spend your holiday, then Weh Island might be your option. Officially, this island is located in Aceh Province, situated right by the entrance of Malacca Strait. 

Most of the island is covered by rainforest and surrounded by crystal clear water. The coral reef there is healthy and has a diversity of marine life. This is due to the island being almost untouchable, even though located in an accessible area. But since Sabang is way bigger, this tiny island became unnoticed. 

How to Get There and Its Cost

To get to Weh Island, you have to come through Banda Aceh, the capital of the province. From there, you have to head from Ulee Lheue Sea Port to Gapang Beach. Since the ferry trip will need a couple of hours, you can also opt for a speedboat ride that will only need 45 minutes. 

For the ferry ride, you only need to pay 25 thousand rupiahs. Meanwhile, the speedboat will cost you 85 thousand rupiahs. Then for the other transport expenses, a taxi will cost you around 150 thousand rupiahs while a tuk-tuk is only 40 thousand rupiahs. Also, if you decide to rent a motorbike on the island, per day they cost you around 100 thousand rupiahs.

To enter the island, you do not have to pay any entrance fee. Then, for the accommodation, there are various options. The range price will be from 70 to 500 thousand rupiahs, depending on what kind of accommodation you are looking for. 

What to Do There

If you think that the island will bore you with its size, then you are wrong. Because there are numerous activities that you can do on this tiny island. Here are several of them:

1. Get into the Water

Because it is an island, the first activity that we suggest would be getting into the water. Whether you snorkel or dive, there is no problem. Because the underwater scenery in the area is such a waste to pass. If you are lucky, you can witness the wild whale sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins.

2. Shopping in the Traditional Market

On this tiny island, you can also do some shopping activities. But do not expect branded stores or any shopping mall. Instead, you have to take a stroll into the traditional market. There, you can try local food and fresh tropical fruits. 

3. Observe the Island Life

Do not wish to get wet or spend some money, then just get around the island and observe the island life there. You can either rent a bike and watch how the kids play around freely. Also, you can take a stroll on the beach while enjoying the breeze. 

If you come to Weh Island, do remember not to wear a bikini in any public place, including the beach. Because wearing one will be illegal and the locals can put you behind bars or pay a fine for that. Also, do not try to look for alcoholic beverages there, because they are illegals too. 

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