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West Java, Buni Ayu Cave

West Java, Buni Ayu Cave


Having the average temperature of 25 C. Buni Ayu cave hides many fantastic formations of stalactite and stalagmite. Only 20 % of the cave has been opened for public and the rest can be explored only by the specialist with the special qualification, skills and permit.

With the uniqueness of various stalagmite and stalactite, Buni Ayu cave has various of tourist attraction such as the waterfall that came from the cave, underground river and another cave which have four path that is Landak cave 50 m length, a special enthusiasm cave with 3,5 km length and Cisapi cave, also a vertical path in the cave with deepness 30 m.

Your vacation will be unforgettable when you visit Buni Ayu cave and explore all the beauty of nature creation of Buni Ayu cave.


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