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West Java, Rafting Cikandang river, Garut

West Java, Rafting Cikandang river, Garut


River located at the foot of Mount Cikandang Global Positioning System, Garut regency, West Java. The river runs from the mountains and tea plantations, then ends on the beach Rancabuaya, South Garut. This object is 36 km from center Pakenjeng District. From Bandung, the journey taken for about three hours. Start rafting adventure begins Sukamulya Village, District Pakenjeng. Means of transportation that can be used to achieve this object other than a personal vehicle is a micro bus with majors Garut Pameungpeuk rate of below $1. The location itself is bordered on the north by Pamulihan District, with District Bungbulang west, south and east by the Indonesian Ocean with the area and the article is Cisompet.

The road to this location is sometimes reduced by splitting up the ladder and fog in the middle of tea plantations. After a sharp bend of the decline, met Sukamulya Village township, which still looks a lot of tea pickers because the area was full of the plantations.

Cikandang River had characteristics different from other rivers in other regions of Bandung. The reason the river has a slope of a fairly extreme level, but it paid off with the geographical conditions of the natural beauty that not both,. The river is considered to have a level of difficulty of 3-4. Is the best place for rafting trips and rafting vacations.

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