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West Sulawesi, Dato Beach, Majene

West Sulawesi, Dato Beach, Majene


Dato Beach, Majene or known by the White Sand Dato Pangele Beach, located at 7 kilometer from the City of Majene, West Sulawesi. Where Majene district located in a strategic position, situated in the north of Makassar.

Go to this resort using private land vehicles or rental vehicles, about 15 minutes from the town of Majene. The road was quite smooth, pass through a small forest and gardens of the population. Arrive at the car park to the beach be as high as 20 meters down the cliff through the stone stairs.

Walk to the top of the cliff edge reef is an amazing adventure. from the top of reef about 30 meters height, we can enjoy the adventure of climbing the cliff, looking down until penetrating the surface of sea water is very clear to see the fish playing among coral reefs. At dusk to see the beauty of the sun setting behind the hill town of Majene.

The beauty of the beach is divided into two parts: fine white sandy beaches and coral beach repose. Coral reefs jutting sea or by scraping a hollow waves add uniqueness and beauty of the beach Dato.
Reef that juts above the sea is very beautiful make want to sit back to enjoy the sea breeze, where can do fishing or enjoying the variety of colorful small ornamental fish through the crystal clear sea water from the rocks.

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