What are the Peak Of Bogor Tourism? Let’s Find Out!

Puncak is the nickname of a place that is included in the area of Bogor Regency and Cianjur Regency. Bogor Peak Tourism is already very famous for both local and foreign tourists.

In this place, you will be spoiled with a variety of interesting and exciting Puncak tourist attractions. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and beautiful atmosphere from nature. And here are some recommendations for Bogor Peak Tourism places.

What Are The Peak Of Bogor Tourism? Let’s Read the Review!

Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua

The first Puncak Bogor tour was the indonesia safar park cisarua.This family tourist destination is an icon of Bogor. In this place you will be treated to a natural atmosphere and educational facilities.

And of course, you will find a variety of amazing animals. The game facilities are also very complete so that you and your family can feel at home playing in this area for a long time.

Mount Pancar Nature Park

Bоgоr Peak Tour уаng second аdаlаh Tаmаn Wіѕаtа Alаm Mount Pancar.  This tourist spot presents the beauty of the pine forest panorama. When you come here, you will feel like you are in another country.

The towering pine trees and neatly lined up create a beautiful backdrop to capture in the camera. The atmosphere is shady and romantic, so it’s no wonder that this place is also widely used as a shooting location for pre weddings.


The third Puncak Bogor tour is Cipamingkis. This tourist spot that invites us to come into direct contact with nature is perfect for calming down and enjoying the romanticism of nature.

There are many places provided, and one of the most popular is the tree house. And from this means you will find beautiful landscapes. There is also a miniature ship placed on the river for those of you who are looking for a unique photo spot.

Telaga Warna Puncak Cisarua

The fourth Puncak Bogor tour is Telaga Warna Puncak Cisarua. Coming to this lake will make you hypnotized with the charm of its beautiful colors. After that, your eyes will be spoiled with the background of the lake consisting of mountains and the green nature.

But the charm of this lake is not just from the scenery. Because the color of this lake can change, from greenish to brown. This change is due to the presence of algae that grow a lot in the lake.

The reflection of sunlight also supports creating the beauty of this lake. If you are curious about the uniqueness of Telaga Rona, come to Jl. Raya Puncak – Cianjur, Tugu Utara, Kec. Cisarua.

Lake Quarry

The last Bogor Peak Tour is Quarry Lake. This natural tourism is also worth visiting. The scenery does look like a lake in general, but who would have thought that this lake is a former sand mining.

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The accidental appearance of this lake is actually an attraction that makes people curious. Not to mention the surrounding scenery that also supports the beauty of this lake so that it becomes more interesting. If you are also curious, you can visit Talaga, Cikupa District, Tangerang Regency. Those are some of the tourist recommendations in Puncak Bogor. You can be familiar with this place, because winning is really a favorite place for tourists to vacation. Let’s visit the Puncak Bogor tour!

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