What to Expect When Visiting Gong Cave in Pacitan

The natural beauty in East Java is indeed endless. There are many natural attractions that people can visit from Baluran Park to Green Bay. However, if you’re looking for a unique kind of beauty, then try visiting Gong Cave. This cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Indonesia and has the best stalactites-stalagmites in Asia! Well, what’s so great about this cave?

About Gong Cave

Pacitan is a city that is has many caves. Of all the caves in the city, one of the best and most stunning caves is Goa Gong. Inside the cave, you will see stalactite and stalagmite and 5 pools that are people say hav magical values to heal some types of diseases.

This cave is called Goa Gong because of the noise from the stalactite and stalagmite inside the cave. There are some stalactites and stalagmites inside a certain room in the cave that will make a gong noise when you hit. The sound itself is like the sound of music equipment, gong.

Ways to Get There

The cave itself is inside the Gong-Gongan Mountain, in Pule Hamlet, Bromo Village. It is around 37 km from the downtown of Pacitan. As it is not too far from Pacitan, people can reach the cave by motorcycle, car, or public transportation. If you happen to fly from Jakarta to Surabaya, then it is best to start the journey from Yogyakarta or Solo.

The road to the village road of the cave is big and wide. Therefore, people should not face any problems when driving their car here. However, after the village road, the road will become narrow, and people will have to slow their vehicles. After reaching the parking lot, visitors will have to walk a bit to reach the entrance of the cave. However, if you are just lazy then call an ojek to drive you until the entrance.

What to See in Goa Gong?

Entering the cave, you will be amazed at how big and beautiful the cave is. It is a bit dark, however, you don’t need to worry because there are enough light and people that will help you out.

Now, wondering what to see inside the cave? Well, here are some spectacular views you will see:

  • Marble & crystal stalactite-stalagmite: not only made from rocks, but you’ll also see stalactite and stalagmite made from a crystal that makes it look expensive and beautiful
  • Pools: There are 5 pools inside that are have different values
  •  Hit a stalactite and stalagmite: hit stalactite and stalagmite inside room 7, where you can hear a gong sound

Entrance Fee

To enter the cave, each person must pay around Rp 12.000. Each group must also be guided by a local tour guide, which cost around Rp 30.000/guide. After getting a guide you can then start your journey around the cave.

Gong cave is open every day throughout the year, however, try coming here in the dry season. The cave is open in rainy seasons; however, it is not available when the rain is too heavy. So, before coming here make sure to check out the weather first.

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