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Yogjakarta, Cerme Cave

Yogjakarta, Cerme Cave


Cerme Goa is located about about 15 km southeast of the town of Bantul.
The length of this cave is entirely approximately 1.2 km and in which the river flows underground safe for Caving activity.

End of this cave region in the form of Spring panggang.selain main cave there is another cave used for meditation places like Goa mastermind, Ledhek Goa, Goa Badhut, and Goa People.

To reach the front gate of Goa, visitors must climb the hill 759 stairs. In the evening view of the city next to the north it looks beautiful with sparkling lights.

Goa Cerme Cerme derived from the word comes from the lectures which implies that the talks do Walisongo . Cerme cave was once used by the Walisongo to spread the religion of Islam in Java . In addition, the cave Cerme also used to discuss plans for the establishment of the Great Mosque of Demak . Every Monday or Tuesday wage, has always held a ceremony to ask for blessings thanksgiving to God .

This cave includes a long and deep caves. The main tourist attraction is the beauty of Goa Cerme stalactite andstalagmites as well as many bats in the cave in addition to the flow of underground water course. Cave floor flooded by ground water with average water depth of about 1 to 1.5 meters. This cave consists of many rooms, like the stage of the meeting, zam zam water, mustoko, holy water, watu review, pelungguhan / paseban, heaven, Grojogan Sewu, water penguripan, gamelan, stone bright morning, rice barns, buildings sekakap, court, stage, lawa cave and hanging watu.


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