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Yokjakarta, Oya River, Gunungkidul

Yokjakarta, Oya River, Gunungkidul


Gunungkidul Region at Yogyakarta has a beautiful tour destination as beautiful as Green Canyon in America. This potential of the natural wealth was located at Gelaran, Bejiharjo, Karangmojo, as a part of Oya River.

The view presented is amazing although only opened in December of 2010. As a result, the number of tourists was booming especially during the holiday weekend.

“Oya Kali is a new tour package in addition to the Village Bejiharjo besides Glatik Cave and Pindul Cave. Foreign and domestic travelers are always interested in down the river within two miles of this river,” said Tour Guide, Pramuji

According Pramuji visitor could down the river for an hour and tourists will be given a life jacket and clothing to ensure safety. Discharge of water remains high despite the dry season and has 7 meters deep. It’s more fun if it rains, because the water rises and the flow is pretty tight. So that is very challenging.

Head of Product Development Department of Culture and Tourism Travel Gunungkidul, Birowo explained during down the river, tourists are also can viewing the karst rocks are formed naturally. On the north side is a volcanic rock, limestone rock and the south side. Besides that visitors can see a small waterfall that is very clear and the estuary of Pindul Cave.

“This scene is also very unique because it is a meeting of volcanic rocks with limestone rocks. From its shape, Oya Kali is also the original river that is formed from millions of years ago,” Birowo explained.

The problem is, not yet available public transportation that connects Wonosari – Bejiharjo. Visitors must use a personal vehicle or rent a vehicle to reach the venue. While ditarikRp only 40 thousand visitors to enjoy all this beautiful scenery.


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