Natural Beauty on Sumba Island that not many people know about

Natural Beauty on Sumba Island – Do you always want to travel back in time and see the person of an ancient civilization? In Sumba, a mysterious and “wild” island located in East Nusa Tenggara, southwest of Flores, you can find traditional villages built on hilltops and protected by historic stone walls. If Skull Island according to the King Kong movie is real, it seems that Sumba deserves to be a candidate for the island.

In fact, the ritual of hunting for the human chairman is still going on & you can actually find “skull trees” in some villages where severed heads are on display. Here, the expanses of meadows and limestone hills give their own meanings, while hilltop villages use weed-roofed houses “guarded” by the megalithic tomb. Don’t mistake it, Sumba is also the main goal error for surfers worldwide.

Natural Beauty on Sumba Island that not many people know about

How to Get There: Waitabula, the easternmost city in Sumba is your west gate to Sumba and as the largest & most up-to-date airport site on the island, namely Tambolaka Airport. On the other hand, the capital city of Waingapu is the perfect choice if you want to meet various basic needs, such as culinary, medicine, and to plan trips and modes of transportation.

From Jakarta From Bali 1. Use Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia flights to Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali (approximately 2 hours). PP tickets start based on Rp1,171,200. Then continue the flight to Tambolaka (approximately 1.five hours) using Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia. PP tickets start based on Rp1,155,000.

Waikelo Sawah

How to Get There:
Waikelo Sawah is located in Tema Tana Village, East Wewewa, Sumba. You will undoubtedly pass it on the way from Tambolaka Airport to downtown Waikabubak. The distance is about 12 km according to the capital Tambolaka and takes about 40 minutes by four-wheeled vehicle. You can also use motorcycle taxis according to Tambolaka.

The cool water is perfect for swimming. Sit under the error of one shady tree while dipping its feet in the cold water and admire the beauty of the surroundings. Like many hidden gems on the island, you won’t find many people here. Heart Come in the morning to watch the sunlight penetrate the water all the way to the bottom of the lake, and put on your snorkel goggles! Who said the best treasure on earth is only gold & diamonds?

Ratenggaro Village

How to Get There:
Ratenggaro Village is 50 kilometers southwest of Waitabula. It can be reached by taking a bus to Bondokodi and renting a motorcycle taxi. Coordinates here.three-b. Antique village on the hill using a panoramic view of Waikabubak. Kampung Tarung Editor’s note: In October 2017, Tarung Village experienced a large fire and is now closed to generics. When entering the ancient village of Kampung Tarung, you seem to be taken back to a later time.

The houses are neatly arranged around the village square. Where you will find a megalithic tomb, a Marapu temple. And a pole where they used to hang the enemy’s head. To preserve their cultural heritage, the village still maintains various traditions & rituals. When visiting Tarung Village between the full moon in October and the full moon in November. You can see Wula Podu, a festival where people hunt wild boars in the surrounding forest.

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