Nanggroe Aceh Darrusalam Sumatra Island

Simeulue Island, Aceh, Sumatra


Simeulue island in Aceh province belonging to one of the islands are quite small. In fact, the island is also considered dangerous because it is often shaken by earthquakes. But natural beauty is so tempting travelers to foreign tourists came to the island to enjoy the panorama. White sand, swaying, and the waves at the other end suck up all the attention of the tourists.

They are not affected by the panic that had just struck Simeulue. Understandably, two days before the twin earthquakes magnitude 8.5 and 8.8 Richter struck the Simeulue. Residents panicked and ran to the hills to avoid smong or tsunami. This massive earthquake that rocked the seventh and eighth Simeulue in the last 10 years.

Paul admitted was panic when the quake struck. “But now the situation is back to normal. Unfortunately, not, if we fail to surf. Because we have come to enjoy nature he-he-he, “explained Paul.

Surfers paradise

For surfers, Simeulue Island is paradise. Waves with a height of 5 meters, the sea is clean and clear sky become a dream of many surfers. Moreover, Simeulue has not visited by many people that make surfers freely distribute his hobby.

That is recognized John May, pelacong from New Zealand. “Nature is still natural and clean. I like it better here than in Bali Bali although it easier to find the inn, “he said.

He considered, if Simeulue district government capable of promoting its natural beauty is good, a lot of travelers will be tempted to come. Its natural beauty is no less interesting than the Bali or Lombok.

There are at least eight strategic location for surfing, the beach Nancala, Matanurung Busung, Alus-alus, Ducts, La’ayon, Rock Island Sailing, Mincau island, and the island Teupah.

Travelers who are not expert surfing can also enjoy the beauty of the ocean with snorkeling. Location almost all the beaches in Simeulue. The location is a mainstay among others Si island’s people, Teupah West and East Simeulue.

Simeulue sea is also tempting travelers to dive or fishing. Not a few travelers who had come to Simeulue to get the thrill of fishing the fish of large size. “There is often a television station that takes pictures in Simeulue the fishing event,” said Akil Rozha, residents who often become the guiding travelers.

Throughout the year there is always a traveler who visited Simeulue. Leni, manager of a travel agency in Simeulue, said in 2012 he received orders overseas travelers. They consist of eight groups. One group usually ranges from five to 12 people.

They come from Australia, Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore as well as stay at Simeulue for a week to two weeks. “In addition to the circumference of Simeulue, they also walks to Sibolga, North Sumatra,” said Leni.

Head of the Department of Tourism Culture, Youth, and Sports Simeulue Ir Sukoco Erwan said, for January-April, foreign tourists who come to Simeulue to 30 people per month. The number rose to 70 people per month in May to December.

According Sukoco, the natural beauty of Simeulue are promising. To that end, he wants to simultaneously promote a culture of Simeulue community to be more known to the world. The effort was still minimal response from the central government.

Sukoco has proposed built tsunami museum, a library, and a monument smong, but did not get a good response from the central government. Smong a story passed down from ancestors Simeulue community tsunami early warning. Smong story that saved thousands of Simeulue when the great tsunami hit Aceh and surrounding areas in late 2004.


Although including small and remote islands, accommodation on the island of Simeulue cukum promising. In almost all locations are lodging or even surfing resort. In Matanurung Busung stand Baneng Island Resort and Inn Raimond.

If travelers Teupah surfing in the West, they can stay at the Aura Surf Resort. The place is also ideal for travelers who surf the Peulau Teupah, Mincau Island, and Nancala.

This inn fare of Rp 200 per night per room. There is also a bungalow with a tariff of Rp 500,000 per night. The inn also provide business services equipment rental windsurfing and diving.

Alternatively, travelers can stay in the capital of Simeulue, Sinabang. Rates are very affordable, ranging from Rp 100,000 to Rp 250,000 per night.

For food is not difficult. In addition to the farmers, the majority of Simeulue is a fisherman. Fish catches them you can enjoy roadside stalls at a price of Rp 7,000 to Rp 20,000 per plate.

Geographical location

Simeulue is an archipelago consisting of 41 large and small islands. The islands are located in the Indonesian Ocean, 105 nautical miles (194.46 kilometers) from Meulaboh, Aceh. If measured Tread Master, Simeulue distance of 85 nautical miles (157.42 kilometers).

Simeulue Island is the largest island of the 41 islands in the region. The island extends up to 100.2 kilometers and a width of 8 kilometers to 28 kilometers. Simeulue island wide reach 199 502 hectares.

To reach Simeulue, you can use a plane from Jakarta to Medan about 2 hours with a ticket price of Rp 600,000 to Rp 1 million. Then continues to fly from Medan to Sinabang, capital of Simeulue, using aircraft cessna or foker bertiket Rp 500,000 to Rp 750,000. Medan-Simeulue travel time when weather is sunny 1 hour and 10 minutes.

When you have free time and want to enjoy the land and sea, try the ferry. But must pass Tread Master with a distance of about 12 hours from Medan. Then take a ferry which takes 8 hours to Simeulue.

Cheaper rates, at $ 75,000. Ferry path is also suitable for those who rent or bring a car from Medan. In Simeulue there is no public transport, other than motor tricycles. To travel around the island, travelers can rent a car fare of Rp 350,000 or motorcycle Rp 75,000 to Rp 100,000 per day.