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Easy Divers, Pemuteran, Bali

Easy Diversis both the name and the motto small dive center in Pemuteran in Bali. Many dive centers around the world, but this one is well organized, very clean, well-equipped, professional diving skills and very, very relaxing. Dusan and his team made sure that we had some unforgettable dives around the beautiful area of Pemuteran. Customer-oriented because they they showed us during the dive dirt creatures and strange but fun.

A brief background on Dusan and Jana Repic, founders and owners of Easy Divers Bali, your diving buddies. Probably you can not remember but at least you can imagine times with no mobile phones, no internet and times when scuba diving was considered as one of the extreme activities … Well those were the times when Jana and I managed to find water, to get some fantastic friends, to start exploring and enjoying. Back home in Slovenia and its Adriatic Sea. Scuba diving became addiction and passion and our way of life. A great combination with existing passions: travels, studies … As time was passing we got a load of the alphabet denoting our diving qualifications: AOWD, RD, MFA, DM, OWSI, MSDT, IANTD, EANx, MFAI, DAN O2, UHMS … And awards. And friends. And pleasure. In 1995 we decided to find some tropical place and move. In 1998 we founded Easy Divers Bali in Pemuteran. Our path from beginnings to well recognized and recommended dive operation was covered with some of our brilliant decisions and some brilliantly stupid decisions. It is 2012 and we still live, work, dive and enjoy a really good time with our divers in Pemuteran. Sincerely yours, Dusan

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