Traveling to Bogor? Don’t Forget to Go to the Culinary Place!

No one will deny that Bogor is declared one of the beautiful cities. Its beauty produces various bogor tourism places, one of which is culinary tourism.

Bogor tourism is not only supported by extraordinary natural scenery, culinary tourism here is also very delicious and cheap. Can you imagine not? Relaxing in a fun place with good food and drinks?

Traveling to Bogor? Don’t Forget to Go to the Culinary Place!

However, for those of you who are still new to Bogor, of course you need recommendations for culinary tourist attractions, right? For this reason, this time we will review the list of bogor culinary tourist attractions that are very popular.

1. Cyrano Café

Want to relax in a café with a mural on the wall? Then Cyrano café is one of the best choices. Where we can enjoy the aesthetics of the café and also the enjoyment of the menu served.

This place is perfect for those of you who like to find a contemporary hangout place that is certainly fun to visit with friends. The atmosphere and delicious menu of this café can be enjoyed from the morning, you know! So, you don’t have to worry anymore if you want to hang out where when you go to Bogor, right? One of these contemporary cafes can certainly be visited.

2. Savory Restaurant 7

This delicious place to eat not only provides delicious and cheap menus, but also a location that deserves thumbs up. How could we not, we can enjoy the beauty of the waterfall here!

Cool, no? Yes, this contemporary culinary tourist spot will serve a cheap Sundanese culinary menu. The more so, we can enjoy the atmosphere of the saung and the pool to increase our appetite. This famous culinary tourist spot for families carries the theme of lesehan. So, we can relax and enjoy the food while having fun here.

3. De Salman Resto

If you like to read reviews related to the best places to eat in Bogor, then you will find De Salman Resto also there. Because, this one restaurant is really suitable for families to visit to relax. Why? Because there are so many toys in the restaurant. So, children and parents will be very at home and love to visit one of those famous restaurants.

Not only the conditions and place are comfortable. The food and drinks in this restaurant are also very tasty and the price is affordable. Moreover, the provision of the menu is done as if it were in the countryside.

4. Pak Ewok’s Fruit Soup

Want to stop by a stall that provides a variety of delicious and cheap fruit soup? Surely you can’t miss this Bogor culinary tour. Even though it only sells simple menus, the deliciousness of Pak Ewok’s fruit soup has been famous since the 80s! You can imagine how delicious this fruit soup is.

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5. Laksa Kampung Cincau

This kuoiner Bogor tourist spot has long spoiled the tongue of food fans since the 1950s. With his hereditary fame, don’t hesitate anymore about the taste of his dishes. This culinary place that we can find since the morning has a variety of uniqueness and delicacies like no other.

Like the vermicelli they use is very special, soft and very thin.The concoction of food seasonings provided is also relatively unique and uses secret recipes with tempting enjoyment. Well, those are some recommendations for culinary tourist attractions in Bogor. Don’t forget to visit while on vacation!

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