Delicious and Appetizing South Jakarta Culinary Tour

South Jakarta has its own charm in the eyes of immigrants, one of which is because of its culinary tourism that is no less delicious than other places. South Jakarta cuisine tour has a variety of foods that should not be misse. Therefore, you must try the culinary tour south Jakarta which will make you addicted once trying it plus the taste is appetizing.

culinary tour south jakarta has a variety of delicious foods that you can try with friends or family on weekends. South Jakarta cuisine tour from contemporary food such as taichan to typical Nusantara food. As a metropolitan city, South Jakarta cuisine tourism stores a variety of delicious and diverse foods. Here is information on South Jakarta cuisine tourism that you need to know.

Delicious and Appetizing South Jakarta Culinary Tour

1. Kaleyo Duck

The first South Jakarta cuisine tour is Bebek Kaleyo which is famous as a stall with the best-selling duck menu in South Jakarta. The mainstay menu in this place includes rica young ducks, kremes young ducks, and green chili ducks.

Every culinary from the Bebek Kaleyo stall has a distinctive taste, tender, tender and not fishy duck meat makes every customer not hesitate to visit this stall again. This stall is located on jalan KH Abdullah syafei number 49, Tebet, South Jakarta.

2. Taichan Bang Ocit Satay

One of the South Jakarta cuisine tours in the end that must be include in your cooking tour trip list is Sate Taichan Bang Ocit. Taichan satay is a variant of satay that contains grilled chicken meat.

But the difference with satay in general is that taichan satay is not wrappe in peanut or soy sauce seasoning like satay in general. You can visit this satay stall on Jalan Patal Senayan, South Jakarta.

3. Mother Samino’s Tail Soup

One of the typical Indonesian foods that is loved not only by their own people but also by other nations is oxtail soup. The delicious taste and pampering the tongue make this one menu always a joke in the eyes of its fans. Ibu Samino’s Oxtail Soup can be a tour of South Jakarta cuisine. Ibu Samino’s Oxtail Soup serves a variety of delicious oxtail soup menus such as fried oxtail soup, oxtail soup and grilled oxtail soup.

For culinary admirers with spicy flavors. There is no need to worry if you come to Ibu Samino’s Oxtail Soup. Because there is a special spicy menu in the form of balado oxtail soup and green chili sauce oxtail soup. A variety of menus of Ibu Samino’s oxtail soup with tender meat. And delicious seasonings can be found in 3 branches in the South Jakarta area namely in Senayan, Permata Hijau and Blok M.

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4. Fish Street

If you are a fan of fish and seafood, this South Jakarta cuisine tour is interesting for you to visit. This fish street provides a variety of fish, shellfish to pasta menus that make you addicted. Some of the menu options offered are seafood platter, fish and chips and many more.

This fish street cuisine tour is located in Bintaro, Bungalow, South Jakarta. Those are some reviews that discuss south jakarta culinary tourism. That can arouse the taste buds with a taste that is so good. Don’t forget to visit south Jakarta culinary guaranteed to be steady.

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