Don’t Miss These 4 Night Attractions in Jakarta

The city of Jakarta is not only charming during the day, but Jakarta night tourism, especially in Ancol, is also very stunning after sunset. Visitors can sit while waiting for the sunset time and then can enjoy the beach conditions at night. Well, for that there are some recommendations night attractions in jakarta, of course, it will make you fascinated.

This calming romantic state can give visitors an additional different vacation experience. There are various facilities, places, and also photo spots that must be visited. That way, visitors can enjoy a more exciting and exciting night. For that, let’s look at night attractions in jakarta. Here is the review.

Don’t Miss These 4 Night Attractions in Jakarta

1. Segarra Ancol

This night tourist spot in Jakarta has an unparalleled charm until it is dubbed as the Bali of Jakarta. Visitors will be spoiled with a very calming romantic state. The view of this place is very charming and is the best spot while enjoying the sunset. Not only that, but this place also offers a delicious food menu.

Visitors can enjoy the fresh air while eating food. It is very suitable if you spend time with your loved ones. The view immediately penetrates the beach so that visitors can immediately enjoy the charming night conditions.

2. Bandar Djakarta Ancol

This Jakarta night tour presents delicious cuisine with the best night conditions. There are various seafood dishes that can be directly selected by visitors. There are also various dining spots, ranging from indoor to outdoor sections.

Interestingly, the view presented by this restaurant directly faces the sea so that visitors can immediately enjoy the charm of the seafood aesthetic sambal enjoying delicious seafood dishes. Visitors can see directly the seafood ingredients that will be used and can immediately choose them according to their tastes.

There are several choices of sauces for seafood dishes to make it feel attractive. The facilities provided at this dining place are quite complete, moreover, visitors can also enjoy the entertainment presented by the band playing in this place.

3. Lagoon Ancol Beach

This beach area can be said to be the center. There visitors can take pictures while enjoying an exhilarating night time. The beach is equipped with such a beautiful pier. Visitors can enjoy the tone of the waves and the night breeze.

There are several photo spots that can be used to capture joyous holiday moments. While enjoying the aesthetics of the beach, visitors can enjoy the cuisine around while enjoying music. This beach area often presents events at night such as music performances and so on. This location is perfect for visitors who want to spend time while enjoying exciting circumstances.

4. Ancol Beach City

This Jakarta Ancol night tour presents a small beach situation with white sand that is so beautiful. This location also has a place to swim and play in the sand. Visitors can enjoy time in this place by doing a variety of activities.

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This beach is located precisely in the section with the lobby of the Ancol Beach City mall which is very interesting if visited. The location is indeed somewhat the easternmost end of the Ancol beach area so it is quite hidden. The place is accessible for free, visitors only need to pay the entrance ticket price for the main gate.

Although it is not so wide, but this beach presents different meanings of the night. Visitors can enjoy a quiet and cool situation. Its location adjacent to the mall makes access to visitors easier. Well, those were some reviews that discuss night tourist attractions in Jakarta with the presence of some of the places above, it would be nice if you tried it.

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