Gili Trawangan, Complete Review of the Best Tourist Paradises in Lombok

Gili Trawangan. The name of this place is relatively well known among outside and local tourists. Often the tourists who come to Bali, also visit this site. This tourist spot is indeed relatively easy to reach according to Bali.

Gili Trawangan is a small island (gili) that exists on the west of the maritime island of Lombok. This island can be said to be the largest island according to Russian 3 gili (small island) that is here. The other islands are Gili Meno & Gili air. Please see the full info about Gili Trawangan below by indonesiatravelmagazine.

Gili Trawangan, Complete Review of the Best Tourist Paradises in Lombok

The location of the island / Gili Trawangan administratively entered into the Gili Indah village area, to. Winner, north Lombok. This island is the primary tourist destination in Lombok. The combination of fresh air typical of the sea, hygienic white beaches, clear nautical water, and complete facilities certainly makes tourists feel at home. This island is not too wide, so we can circle it using easy bicycles.

In addition, according to this island, we are also able to easily reach gili air & gili meno whose letanya is indeed close together. Don’t worry about the facilities. Now the facilities on Gili trawangan are complete.

There are several ways to get to this island; Using Fast Boat/Speed Boat according to Bali

The fastest and easiest way is to use a fast boat or speed boat from Bali. We are able to ride this type of ark from Padang bai, Tanjung Benoa, Aggression Island, or Sanur on Bali. The price is quite expensive, approximately 500-800 thousand / person for one way.

Through Bangsal Port or Nara Bay in Lombok

With this route, we leave for Lombok first via air and landing at Lombok International Airport. From the airport, we just leave for the port of bangsal or nara bay and cross to Gili Trawangan. Bangsal Port is a public port/general ship. Here we are able to ride the wooden ark with a pull of Rp 15,000 / person, or the ark quickly using a tariff of Rp 85,000 / person. Crossing at nara bay is specifically for charter types of fast boats, using a fare of Rp 350,000 one way for one speed boat.

Transportation options from the Airport – Bangsal Port;

  • Travel services. There are several travel services both sharing and private that serve transportation services according to the airport to the port ward. One of these travel service providers, among others, The fare is approximately Rp 125,000 / person for sharing shuttle, or Rp 350-450 thousand for private shuttle.
  • Airport Taxi. Taxis here use argo with a fare of approximately 400-450 thousand to the port of the ward. This taxi stopped at the station. From the terminal distance to the port approximately 200 meters, we can use cidomo (a kind of dokar / delman).
  • Another alternative is to take DAMRI first to Mataram, then according to Mataram take a taxi to the port of the ward. We can also rent a motorcycle in Mataram and parked (stay) at the port ward. The motor rental rate is approximately Rp 70,000-80,000/day, and the parking rate is approximately Rp 10,000/night.

Transportation from Bangsal Port – Gili Trawangan;

  • Wooden ship. The rate is around Rp 15,000 /person. The length of the trip is approximately 45 min, and generally have to wait for the full ship first.
  • Fast boat from Lombok to Gili Trawangan. The per person rate is RP 85,000. The length of travel is approximately 10 min.

Favorite Activities and Places In Gili Trawangan

Usually one thing that comes to mind when traveling; What are your favorite places in the location, and what activities can you do? In this place, there are many things that we can do and feel. Here are some activities and places that must be visited in Gili Trawangan, so that your vacation is more satisfied.

Gili Trawangan Beach

Gili Trawangan beach lombok white sandy, and set in clear sea water. The beach itself has become its own attraction.

In addition, on this island we are able to enjoy sunset and sunrise using easy. The scenery and atmosphere of sunset / sunrise on Gili Trawangan beach has been relatively popular, you know, not less beautiful than other beaches that are more famous. This view can be enjoyed while relaxing at the café and bar that poly is available here.

We can also swim on the beach. But it is necessary to pay attention to the existing security restrictions! The current around here, especially in the area between the other gilis is quite powerful. Make sure to always pay attention to the appeals and limits conducive to West Nusa Tenggara swimming that are available.

These two activities are an error of one primary attraction here. Marine life that is still quite awake plus using clear nautical will certainly make visitors itchy for snorkeling. Recommended snorkeling spots here are the area around gili trawangan, gili meno, & gili air. We can do island hopping using the base of gili trawangan. We can join the island hopping tour, or rent our own boat.

Of course, the cost of renting the boat itself will be more expensive. Here there are poly service providers that you can directly choose. If you have a diving license, you can join privately to the poly dive center located here. But if you are still a beginner and want to try diving, there is also a kind of short two-hour training. We are taught the basis of diving both theory and practice here.

Watch Presean or Stick Fighting

Presean can be said to be a symbol of virility for sasak tribal men. In the presean, 2 people fight using rattan sticks and shields made of buffalo skin. Presean is done at the celebration of art, or in the ceremony of asking for rain carried out in the seventh month of the sasak calendar. Presean events are generally held near gili trawangan art market.

Around the Island by Bicycle

No less interesting is to travel around the island by bicycle, or with cidomo (andong / dokar). Gili Trawangan is too widespread, so we can circle it using it relatively easily. It should not be forgotten if on this island motorized rides are not allowed. So cycling or using cidomo is an option for traveling here.

Visiting Turtle Conservation

Not far from the port, there are still turtle conservation facilities . Here we are able to see the maintenance of turtles, and also the process of releasing turtles to the nautical date. Usually the release of turtles is accompanied by using exclusive mores that will certainly be interesting for us to follow.


For photography enthusiasts, this place is sure to be heaven. There are poly spot photos that are latif & unique, both on land and in water. If you are on vacation here, make sure your digital camera is not left behind and always ready at all times.

Riding Around the Island

Another unique thing that we can do is ride around Gili trawangan. Stud stabels and Sunset stables are two horse rental stables that are quite famous here. Riding around the beach will certainly be a new experience in vacation. The hourly rate is approximately Rp 250 thousand / $ 25.

Watch By the Beach

No less fun thing is to watch movies on the beach. On gili trawangan beach there are still some who provide a watch site together on the beach using the big screen. Usually it’s free, we relatively buy culinary and drinks from there. One of the places that provide this is the Hotel Villa Ombak.

Along the beach there are still many cafes and bars that we can use to relax. The average food menu here is more western / foreign. The price is also relatively unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, it is quite worth using the relaxing experience here of course. We can also find restaurants and stalls that provide local food using more friendly prices.

Water Sports Rides / Watersport

In addition to snorkeling & diving, in Gili Trawangan there are also many other water sports providers for example; jetskis, banana boats, subwings, paddle boards, and so on. You can choose according to poly service providers here.

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