Old Jakarta Tours That Should Not Be Missed

Who doesn’t know the Old Town tour in Jakarta? For those who live in the Jakarta area or outside Jakarta, of course, you are familiar with this one tour. Jakarta old town tourist area can be an attractive choice for anyone who wants to spend a weekend on vacation to this city.

Especially when you are visiting the city of Jakarta, it is mandatory to visit this one tour. Why? This is because you can see the heritage buildings in ancient times that are still sturdy and remind the situation of Jakarta in the past which was so thick. No wonder there are so many tourists who visit, both locally and abroad. If you plan to visit Jakarta old town tourist area, then these 3 tourist spots may be mandatory for you to visit:

Old Jakarta Tours That Should Not Be Missed

1. Fatahillah Museum

One of the interesting tourist spots that you can visit while in Kota Tua Jakarta is the Fatahillah Museum. This one tour seems to be inseparable from the Old Town of Jakarta. It can be said that this museum is a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian population in achieving independence.

Initially this museum was name the Batavia Museum during the Voc colonial era. Not only used as a city hall, but also used as a court room to a dungeon. No wonder there are a lot of relics from the colonial period in ancient times that are still neatly store in the Fatahillah Museum. To enter the Museum, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp2000.

2. Bank Indonesia Museum

This building with a typical Belkamu colonial style is a tourist attraction that should not be misse when coming to Jakarya Old Town. This Bank Indonesia Museum is a relic of De Javasche Bank and has been establishe since 1828.

There you can see a variety of information about travel from the banking world in Indonesia, before the Belkamu and Japanese began to arrive. To visit this tour, you don’t need to be expensive, just Rp5000, you can enjoy all the things inside the Bank Indonesia Museum. This museum is open every day and is only close during national holidays.

3. Sunda Kelapa Port

Another unique tourist attraction that you can visit while on the old town in Jakarta is the port of Sunda Kelapa. This port is one of the important ports in Indonesia because it is a place to connect with other countries.  Previously, this port was a stopover place for foreign ships, but in the 5th century it was use as a port for trading activities.

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Although currently its activities are not as busy as when the Sunda coconut port was still successful, but there are still many tourists who visit to see the activities of the Pinishi Ship, which is a trade transport ship in Indonesia. This port is opene every day with a fairly cheap ticket, which is only Rp. 2,500 per person and for car parking 4,000 rupiah only.

Well, that’s the explanation that discusses the tourist area of the old city of Jakarta that you visite with the explanation above, we can draw the conclusion that in the past the city of Jakarta was a former colony from other countries that until now is still sturdy and can be use as a tourist attraction, hopefully the above review will be useful for you.

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