Attractions in Latest Bondowoso Tours & hits

Latest Bondowoso Tours & hits – Want a more memorable holiday? This is a list of favorite tourist attractions in Bondowoso, East Java. The Latest Natural Attractions, Contemporary & Most Hits Visited by the Tourist.

Bondowoso, is an area that is still in the province of East Java and stores a compound of tourist destinations. Although the panorama of beauty according to tourist sites is dominated by the results of natural wealth such as waterfalls and mountains, but do not mistake in fact still poly tourists who arrive to this location.

Judging from the contour line bondowoso nir has a single coastline, so it can not be denied that beach tourism you will not meet in this region. Meanwhile, in addition to the aesthetics of nature that spoil the eye, there are a handful of historical stories that are quite interesting to explore. So you can take a vacation while learning antique history.

Sometimes using the existence of several choices of tourist locations makes you nervous to choose it. Especially if the whole has a relatively strong attraction, then you can be sure that anxiety will envelop you. Well, to put a little certificate for those of you who want to go to Bondowoso, please refer to the following tourist indonesiatravelmagazine site review.

Attractions in Bondowoso Latest & Terhits Topped

Ilalang Crater

Adjusting the name of the Ilalang Crater tour is a vast site and shaped like a caldera, but filled with weed plants. Visiting it will make you very quiet and comfortable because the air is still cool and beautiful. The location is on Sempo, Bondowoso using a ticket price of Rp 5,000.

The facilities available are only backgrounds based on natural scenery which if taken in a perfect position will display a greenish-white tapestry. Of course, it was able to put its own impression for you, because it will not be found on other sites.

Location: Macan Bulk, Kalianyar, Bondowoso Kec. Sempol, Kab. Bondowoso.

Bukit Seranding

Bukit Seranding is right in Tlogosari Subdistrict, Bondowoso which has a height of 300 meters above sea level only. Panorama that can be seen if you are on it is very spoiling to the eyes. In fact, you can capture it using a mobile phone using a natural background that is more or less relatively stunning.

If you are interested Bukit Seranding is open 24 hours non-stop and does not charge porto in the slightest on its tourists. It’s just that there is no good management to provide facilities for the people who are there.

Location: Gudeng Seng, Maskuning Wetan, Kec. Pujer, Kab. Bondowoso.

Mount Ijen

Mount Ijen is very famous using the caldera that resides in it and as one of the tourist attractions that are quite on segani. The name is Mount Ijen Crater, giving a view of the blue fire which is at an altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level, and surrounded by a crater wall as high as 300-500 meters.

Interesting fact again this destination was crowned as the largest caldera lake in the entire world, which is with an area of five,446 hectares. The location is still in approximately Bondowoso, using the entrance ticket price of around Rp 150,000. If you visit there you must be careful because the temperature is very extreme.

Location: Macan Bulk, Kalianyar, Kec. Sempol, Kab. Bondowoso.

Rainbow Tree

Vacationing to a tourist location is not complete if you do not take pictures using the background of the destination scenery. Well in Sumberwringin District, Bondowoso there is a location that is very suitable to be used as a photo spot, namely The Rainbow Tree. Beauty based on the colors of the trees is formed naturally.

The phenomenon is created from the sap of the tree dripping out and about the top of the tree as a result creates a layer with different colors. Such as red, blue, purple, and orange. The combination of colors is very similar to the rainbow that appears after the rain subsides on the clouds.

Location: Sumberwringin, Kec. Sumberwringin, Kab. Bondowoso.

Beautiful Swamp Almour

Alas Sumur Village, Bondowoso also has tourist destinations no less cool than other sites, namely Rawa Indah Almour. By paying a ticket of Rp5,000 you can enjoy the aesthetics of divine creation. There is a small bridge that is not uncommon as a location for people to relax.

Meanwhile, this place also provides some relatively cool facilities. for example photo hunting, flying foxes, arks to get around the lake, and fishing locations.

It’s just that if you want to try you must take a pocket of approximately Rp 5,000-Rp 15,000 per person. Guaranteed you can get pleasure without having to squander money.

Location: Alassumur, Kec. Pujer, Kab. Bondowoso.

Villa Afdeling

Visiting Jampit, Bondowoso will be very memorable if you don’t forget a visit to Villa Afdeling Flower Garden. The main object offered is a flower garden with a variety of types that are quite spacious and in the middle there is a villa building that has an indies design.

Although there are only a few facilities there such as photo spots and villas, but every period is still poly visitors who come. This is because of the freshness of the air in more or less that makes it comfortable, and the aesthetics of flowers that are suitable to be a background photo of people.

Not only that, even if you enter you don’t have to pay. So do your pleasure to enjoy the calm atmosphere to release the burden of the mind because of the routine of work.

Location: Jampit, Kec. Sempol, Kab. Bondowoso.

Bondowoso Square

Like other cities that have a large field to do various activities. Bondowoso Square is the next tourist spot that is highly recommended for those of you who want to just hang out to enjoy various culinary dishes. It is located in Kotakulon, Bondowoso.

In this place you also do other activities besides relaxing, namely cycling, jogging, etc. Especially if you come at night must find the sight of many people hanging out with their friends or partners.

Location: Kauman, Kotakulon, Kec. Bondowoso, Kab. Bondowoso.

Tasnan Baths

Taking the family on vacation to Taman Village, Bondowoso remembers stopping by Tasnan Baths. Because here you can find several facilities such as swimming pools, places to relax, photo spots, etc. By spending RP 10,000 to enter you have been able to enjoy the services provided.

This one tourist attraction is very poly visitors every day, especially on weekends. Surely the swimming pool that there is no one will fit the visitor who comes in turn. Therefore, if you want a quiet atmosphere, look for a day that is not special.

Location: Taman Village, Pasnan, Kec. Grujugan, Kab. Bondowoso.

Bosamba Rafting

As mentioned earlier that Bondowos is rich in natural tourist destinations. One of them is Bosamba Rafting, a cool waterfall that you can visit at Krocok Park Village, Bondowoso.

This watery tourist destination is perfect for those of you who like to challenge adrenaline. There you can try the game of rafting in the midst of the rushing flow of rocky rivers that will make the heart palpitations. Meanwhile, make your own costs will not make it difficult for you later.

Location: Koanyar Village, Taman, Kec. Krocok Park, Bondowoso Regency.

Bukit Mahadewa

Who the hell does not want a vacation using the price of admission of approximately Rp 3,000 only. Guaranteed you also want to try it, Bukit Mahadewa is a destination that is included in the detsination list. Natural scenery of the mountains in Bondowoso, you can see if you climb this hill.

There is a love-shaped board that will help you clarify in enjoying the beauty of nature. Not only that, this site is also so recommended for tourists who like cycling because the route is very challenging to conquer.

Location: Kupang, Kec. Curah Dami, Kab. Bondowoso.


Again the appearance of a natural panorama that will make you amazed. Hyang Mountains which has the zenit of Argopuro mountain will offer a graceful and exotic scenery for you.

Although it is located in the highlands, but you don’t have to worry if you have to walk to get to the location. Because the road access to there has been improved so that it can be passed by the mount. That way you don’t need to be tired to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia’s natural wealth on this one.

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