Parung Tasikmalaya Nature Tourism that is Suitable for Vacation

Natural attractions parung tasikmalaya is a destination located in Parung village, Guranteng Village, Pageragueng District. The location is adjacent to the village of Cape Kerta Suryalaya. The tourist attraction is perfect for vacationing and gathering with family ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

There are various facilities, such as a play area for children. Such as foaming swimming pools and orchid gardens and mini zoos with rare animals such as deer and others. In this natural attractions parung tasikmalaya place is presented several facilities and scenery with the background of mountains and rice fields.

Parung Tasikmalaya Nature Tourism that is Suitable for Vacation

Parung nature tourism is built on an area of 4 hectares with a capacity to accommodate 4,000 visitors. To get to this area it takes until approximately 1 hour drive with a break of 37 km from downtown Tasikmalaya.

Here are some of the means of Alam Parung Tasikmalaya.

1.     Playing in the Pool with Kids

There are several pools that can be enjoyed by visitors such as adult and children’s pools. The main attraction of Parung natural tourism is indeed the water facilities. The swimming pool in this place is also equipped with a number of game facilities. Such as perosoton, spilled buckets, to snow facilities.

2.     Mini Zoo that raises Rabbits to Birds

Tourists can invite children to interact directly with cute rabbits. The place is filled with green grass and a number of unique rabbit dwellings. Kids are certainly happy at home rabbit lingering. Happy in The Rabbit Park, you can proceed to Zoo Mini which has a number of animal collections. In the area of the bird park, mіѕаlnуа, birds kаkаk tuа, macaws, mеrаk, etc.

3.     Children’s Play Ground

To enter this tourist attraction, tourists will be charged a special fee (excluding parung-style tourist entrance tickets), which is IDR 10 thousand. If you want to invite children to play the play ground, it is the right choice. Ground Stage is an indoor entertainment platform. Mеnаrіknуа, аdа tеmраt lesehan equipped with lаzу bаg. Every Sunday you can enjoy live music in this place.

4.     Singing at Parung Tasikmalaya Nature Tourism Karaoke Place

In this tourist spot, a karaoke place is provided for visitors who like to sing or music. Not only karaoke places, this natural facility is also provided with a place to fish fish.

5.     Fishing Pond

Not only children, but fathers will also feel at home if they are in this Tasikmalaya tourist spot thanks to the presence of a fishing pond. The pond with its place is very spacious and can accommodate dozens of possible hundreds of anglers.

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Entrance Ticket Price for Parung Tasikmalaya Natural Attractions

Even though it has a complete variety of wanaha, the entrance ticket to the Alam Parung tourist area is very affordable. The cost that needs to be incurred is IDR 20,000. This ticket includes a number of facilities such as Mini-Zoo, swimming pool, gazebo and others.

Parung Tasikmalaya Nature Tourism Location

Parung Nature Facilities in Tasikmalaya, precisely in Parung Village, Guranteng Village, Tasikmalaya, can be the right choice for families. The place is not far from the city center. Visitors only need an hour. During the holiday season or Saturdays and Sundays, Parung nature tourism is a destination for holidays for families, especially in the place of North Tasikmalaya. Those are some reviews that discuss the natural tourism of Parung Tasikmalaya that you can use as a vehicle for a vacation.

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