Tips for Vacation and Traveling to North Sumatra

Sumatra is an island in Indonesia that has stunning natural scenery. Many people are planning a vacation with a destination to the island of Sumatra to get to know and further explore the beauty of nature in Indonesia. Those who visit here are not only local tourists, but also many foreign tourists who visit. Therefore, we will give you tips on vacation to North Sumatra.

You can plan a vacation time to this beautiful and enchanting natural attraction to North Sumatra. In this article we will discuss the aesthetics of nature and tips on a vacation trip to North Sumatra. Let’s look at some of the tips below:

Tips for Vacation and Traveling to North Sumatra

1. Book Tickets In Advance

One of the tips for traveling on the island of North Sumatra is to book transportation tickets from well in advance before the scheduled departure. Whatever type of transportation you will use in traveling there, try to buy tickets well in advance before embarkation.

Why is that? In addition to anticipating prices that soar near the D-day, travel can also prepare all the needs when arriving in North Sumatra. Likewise with transportation to get around. It’s a good idea if you rent a car to make it more practical when traveling in North Sumatra. Especially if the travel goes with a number of more than 2 people, this will be very helpful and also save costs. Traveling will also feel more comfortable.

2. Choose the City You Want to Go to For Travel

North Sumatra also has several destination cities that can be one of the choices of tourist destinations for tourists who want to vacation there. Choose some cities that you find interesting and fun to visit.

Then don’t forget to make a list of travel visits, cities and also places you are going to. Try to be sequential and simultaneous so that you can save your vacation time.

3. Taste a Variety of Typical Dishes

Don’t forget to taste the various dishes that are there. Each region in Indonesia has its own specialties, including North Sumatra. There are various kinds of dishes that you can choose from there.

One of the tricks to be able to try typical foods, try to taste little by little first or be able to share with friends. Just in case you don’t really like the taste and the food is not wasted. But don’t worry, there the food is delicious and the price is very economical for the tourists who attend.

4. Look for Food Tailored to Your Tastes

Although there are many dishes that can be tried, not all typical North Sumatran cuisine can be enjoyed by various groups. For example, you are a person who doesn’t like one of the typical foods, you can choose the other according to your taste.

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5. Bring Equipment that Suits Your Needs

The tourists certainly come not empty-handed, of course you can’t armed with it, right? Therefore, bring travel equipment after your needs. Including personal belongings will probably be rarely found there.

For example, bring sunscreen or a camera to take pictures of fun. Surely you don’t want to miss an exciting vacation event, right? Those are some information related to how to vacation to North Sumatra. Each tourist attraction has its own aesthetic. Therefore, prepare physically and financially to truly be able to enjoy the beauty of the nature of North Sumatra well. Hopefully, this information will inspire all readers to love Indonesia’s nature more.

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