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Pagaralam Lake, Bengkulu, Sumatra

pagaralamPagaralam Lake is like no other for unlike common lake which has clear green or blue water, Lake Pagaralam has red blood water. This lake is located on Raje Mandare Hills area, the border of Pagaralam City and Kaur, Bengkulu Province.

Pagaralam Lake extend of 6 hectare was found in 2012 by local people. When it was first found, this lake shocked everyone for the water color. There’s one unique thing about this lake. Though the water color is red blood, when you try to take some water, it won’t be red blood but clear like common water. According to local people, you will be able to smell pandanus aroma at night in the area.

Another unique thing offered by Lake Pagaralam is the fact that you may find unique animals around the lake for example giant centipede (30 cm wide and 50 cm long), a buffalo which has beehive on his ear, some giant birds and others. Though those animals are a bit strange, they’re quite tame. pagaralam-kelabang

There are some building remains, believed as temple from an old kingdom, you may find near the lake. Until now, many archaeologists are still conducting a research about it.

This unique and a bit mystical destination is worth to visit for you who love challenge for the way heading to this lake is quite hard. You’ll need extra equipments and physical conditions before going to Lake Pagaralam. It’s better to go with your friend experienced in exploring jungle if you have no ability at all to do that for you need to go through long and wide jungle before arriving at Lake Pagaralam.

How To Get There

You can start your journey to Lake Pagaralam from Rimba Candi village, Dempo Selatan sub-district using public transportation like ojeg, motorized pedicab or rented car from Pagar Alam City. As you arrive in Candi Rimba village, you will then go through hills and Rimba Candi forest. It will take 1-2 days depends on your physical condition and weather. Along the way, you will be able to see the remains of temples and gates from an old big kingdom. The kingdom is believed as Sriwijaya Kingdom. After going through the hills and Rimba Candi forest, you will enter Raje Mandare Hill where you can find the location of Lake Pagaralam.

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