The Most Recommended Tourist Attractions in Situbondo

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Situbondo – You must understand what are the choices of tourist attractions in Situbondo. No more searching-searching Google time until there later if based on the beginning already understand what are the options. By knowing what the options are, you can create a vacation itinerary there as soon as possible. Let’s know what Situbondo tours can choose from by indonesiatravelmagazine!

Tourist Attractions in Situbondo East Java

Situbondo East Java poly has natural tourism, it is very difficult to find tourist destinations that can restore fresh brains according to existing preoccupations. Starting from the very exotic Bama Beach, Banongan Situbondo Beach, Cinnamon Coffee Plantation, Mount Argopuro and the surroundings, Panarukan Port, Olean Sugar Factory, to Situbondo Square, all of them are there. There are many more choices & you can choose based on the following list of tourist sites in Situbondo.

Bama Beach

Bama Beach is approve by many people as the sweetest beach according to all Situbondo beach tours on this list. What is on Bama Beach is almost similar to the painters who describe the beach. What you will see there is a beach using a light brown stretch of sand commonly calle a sand hue.

Just like there are on some beaches abroad. In addition to the specially colore beach sand, the beach is also decorate with rocks of a deep black hue. The waves are a little peaceful, but sometimes tight so tourists must be careful. Anyone will be intereste in taking photos or videos while on this beach, whether to capture moments or social media updates.

If you are intereste in proving yourself this tourist spot in East Java, then just arrive at Baluran National Park, base on there you will receive directions in the direction to go to this beach. separate about 15 kilometers from Baluran National Park to get to this beach.

Banongan Situbondo Beach

Bama Beach is exotic, but it is not relative to make you satisfie with tourist attractions in Situbondo that can be chosen while there. The next beach that can be visite is Banongan Situbondo Beach.

This Situbondo tour is locate in Wringinanom, Asembagus District, Situbondo Regency. If you go there on a motorcycle, then you have the opportunity to park the mount right on the edge of the wave. That if you are intereste, permanently able to park far according to the beach if you want it.

What can be enjoye on Banongan Situbondo Beach is a peaceful beach with very soft sand at the feet. You can walk around barefoot to Situbondo maximize the difference in the meaning of the beach while on vacation.

White Sand Beach

Indee, as the name suggests, this beach has white sand. But it would be better if you always use footwear when you are there. Because between the sand of the beach with its waters, there will be mini rocks that can injure the legs.

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The waves are quiet and you will get a view of the pier base on this beach. Situbondo beach tourism can be another way if you have visite two beaches before or did not have time to arrive to the previous beach. To note, the location of Pasir Putih Beach is on Jalan Raya Pasir Putih Number 87, Selomukti, Mlandingan District, Situbondo Regency.

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