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Samuan Tiga Temple, Tampaksiring, Bali

Samuan Tiga Temple is strategically located set back a little from the main road between Ubud and Tampaksiring, and used to be one of the most popular tourist destinations. This sacred temple was the royal temple of the Udayana Warmadewa dynasty (a Balinese King who ruled in the 10th century). Location: Between Ubud and Tampaksiring […]

Bali Temples

Buleleng, Brahma Vihara Ashrama

Buleleng, Brahma Vihara Ashrama, temple The monastery is presided over by one of Bali’s few Buddhists monks, Bhikku Giri Rakhita, a Brahman from Banjar, now elderly but still formidably energetic. The ashram, set into a hillside a few miles inland from Banjar, is well signposted and welcomes visitors. The monastery a blend of Balinese and […]

Java Heritages

Central Java Prambanan Temple Compounds

Central Java Prambanan Temple Compounds Prambanan Temple is situated in Prambanan Village, Bokoharjo Sub-district, within Prambanan tourism park, about 17 kilometers to the east of Yogyakarta municipality. It easy to find Prambanan tourism park because it is only 100 meters away from the highway connecting Yogyakarta-Solo. The park lies 154 meters above sea level, and […]