Ternate Island, a Historical Destination in the East Part of Indonesia

An exotic island with an active volcano is not something new, especially in Indonesia. But if you include the historical place in the equation, then Ternate Island will easily enter the category. Because this spice island once witnessed foreigners waging wars over its fertile soil. 

The island is located on the west side of Halmahera island, which is way bigger than Ternate’s almost identical twin Tidore. People often mention Ternate and Tidore as a package, although the two have their own charm and secret. 

What to Do in Ternate?

There are numerous attractions that you can try on Ternate Island. Here are what we suggest for you to do when coming to the island:

1. Visit Kalamata Fort

Although the fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century, it was also once occupied by Dutch, Spanish, and English. The locals once called it Benteng Kayu Merah, due to its location in Kayu Merah Village. Sadly, there is no information board about the fort.

2. Come to Tolukko Fort

Another fort to visit when in Ternate is Tolukko Fort. Unlike the previous one that cleared the issue of who built the place, this port is not that lucky. Because until today, people are still confused about the Portuguese, Dutch, or Spanish that built the building back in the 16th century. But one thing is for sure, this port will give you a good view of Tidore and Halmahera. 

3. Prove Mount Gamalama’s Force in Batu Angus

When a volcanic eruption happens, every living being would be running for their life. Thus, it will be hard to admire the forceful natural phenomenon. But how about doing it years after the tragedy occurred. Because you can come to Batu Angus when in Tidore to witness how it was going.

4. Chill around Lake Tolire Besar

Even though usually beaches become the main attraction of an island destination, that is not the case in Ternate. This is due to the existence of a volcano mountain on the island. Thus, although the glistering black beach is a good choice to hang out, the crater lake is too fascinating to abandon. If you wish to come here, make sure to get yourself a guide.

Route to Ternate and Budget to Prepare

To get to the island, the easiest way is to fly in through Sultan Babullah Airport. Major aircraft of the country, Garuda Indonesia, also serve the flight in transit in Manado. Aside from that, other aircraft also serve the route to Ternate.

But if you wish for alternative options, you can also come to the island by water route. Both Ahmad Yani Port and Bastiong Port on the island still actively harbor boats, ferries, and jetties. Thus, if you opt for water transportation, you have to come to Halmahera island first. 

For the flight alone, you have to pay 2 million rupiahs and up from any airport in Jakarta. Then, for the ferry ride, for example, you only need to pay 25 thousand rupiahs in minimum. Meanwhile, for the tourist attractions above, you only need a small payable amount. Per location entrance fees range from 10 to 50 thousand rupiahs per person. 

The trading monopolism through colonialism is long gone. But Ternate Island is still an excellent choice to come. You do not have to wage war on this island, instead, you can trace why the Europes were ready to raise arms in exchange for this small island.

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