Come on, Visiting Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Free Must Be Exciting

Who said that an exciting and exciting holiday has to make a lot of money? Some tourist attractions in Bandung that are free that you can visit without the need to think about a budget. Well, for those of you who need recreation, but don’t want to reach into your wallet very deeply, you can visit 5 free tourist attractions in Bandung.

Although it is free of charge, the facilities are also quite complete. Unless you are in Bandung, maximize your vacation by visiting several tourist attractions in Bandung that are free. The holidays are getting more colorful, the contents of the pockets are not drained out!

Come on, Visiting Tourist Attractions in Bandung that are Free Must Be Exciting

1. Cikapundung Terrace

First there is the Cikapundung Terrace. Who would have thought that this terrace, which currently looks very beautiful and cool, used to be a former slum and unkempt area, you know.  This tourist spot is open to the public, and is commonly used by young people and artists as a gathering place. It’s not wrong, if Cikapundung Terrace is dubbed the place of creative people in Bandung. Not only hanging out, you can also take pictures in some of its Instagramable spots such as the red bridge.

2. History Park

The city of Bandung is indeed famous for having many parks and open spaces in each area, one of which is the Historical Park. Who would have thought that to go to this educational tourist spot, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

This family tourist area does have complete public facilities. Uniquely, every mural and relief here tells the history of the leader of the Flower City starting from the bertus Coops era to Ridwan Kamil. It’s really cool, right? Moreover, there is also a children’s pool which is certainly your little one’s favorite spot when they are in the History Park.

3. Babakan Siliwangi City Forest

Tired of urban situations and need health? Babakan Siliwangi City Forest can be the right place of choice for you! Here, you can enjoy the condition of the open space that is green, cool, and beautiful, with shady trees.

The place, which is often referred to as “Baksil” by the young people of Bandung, is indeed increasingly famous for its iconic wooden bridge. Here, you can get photos with different meanings of nature and the forest, jogging, relaxing to enjoy the aesthetics of the forest, and having a picnic. Although it is free, do not forget to maintain cleanliness and preserve the environment of this forest.

4. Tegalega Park

At number 4 there is Tegalega Park. As the name implies, this park has a place of up to 19 hectares. You can enjoy various activities when traveling here. There are sports venues for skateboarding, football, and parkour training. It’s really cool, right? Moreover, you can also visit the Dinosaur Lantern Park and bandung Lautan Barah Monument.

5. Pet Park

The city of Bandung did not run out of ideas to build thematic parks in each of its areas. This time, ticket friends who like animals or have pets are really mandatory to visit Pet Park. This park facility is free to be enjoyed by anyone, including those of you who bring pets such as dogs, cats, and others.

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Not only filled with trees, you can also find several games for animals here. So, not only the owners are happy, but also the animals. For ticket buddies who love pets can visit and find a large community of animal enthusiasts gathered. Not only holidays, you can increase friendship partners. Well, those were some explanations that discussed the free tourist attractions in Bandung that you can visit.

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