Top Tours in Bandung! You Must Visit!

Bandung is one of the cities in Indonesia which is in the highlands, this is what makes many tourists stop by many tourist attractions in Bandung, they prefer cool air and cold weather.

Curious about what are the tourist attractions in Bandung? Just read it directly to the end of the article, so that no interesting tourist attractions are missed.

Tourist Attractions in Bandung

1. Ciwidey White Crater

The ciwidey white crater was formed from a natural condition. At the location of the crater it used to be used as a sulfur mining area in the Japanese colonial era. The former mining also remains, which is in the form of a Japanese cave. It is said that the cave was the operational place for sulfur mining at that time.

The interesting thing about Kawa Putih Ciwidey tourism is that the color of the water is very white like lime. This makes the crater a volcanic place that has a fairly high sulfur content.

The white color of the crater is a distinctive characteristic of this tourist destination. The condition of the crater is also very slick if used as a photo background, both for personal, pre-wedding and community needs.

2. Glamping Lakeside Rancabali

Pinisi Resto and Glamping Lakeside Rancabali is a restaurant that serves a true natural atmosphere. The concept of this restaurant is almost the same as the Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise in Thailand. Unfortunately the restaurant neither floated nor sailed.

It’s just that this restaurant is in a building in the shape of a boat and is right on the edge of Situ Patenggang. Not only has a ship restaurant, this Bandung cuisine tourist destination provides a variety of spots with natural nuances. For the most iconic spot is a tree bridge located in the middle of the lake.

3. Mount Masigit Kareumbi Buru Park

This tourist attraction in South Bandung is the only tourist destination that has a very thick natural atmosphere. Taman Buru Kareumbi Masigit is perfect for nature enthusiasts.

Therefore, this natural tourist spot is used as a place for a variety of natural activities, especially for students, such as scouts. In this place there is a variety of outbound arenas which are very exciting.

Visitors can also hike or camp. For visitors who are not interested in sleeping in a tent, they can take advantage of lodging facilities. The lodging facilities are also very unique.

Visitors will not receive room facilities, but rather a tree house. By sleeping in a tree house, you will feel a distinctive natural sensation like in a movie story.

4. Cai Rancaupas Village

This tourist destination is basically a campground. But in Ranca Upas Ciwidey not only provides camping places. But there are several means that can be used by visitors.

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One of the means of Kampung Cai is a deer breeding area. In this place can be found hundreds of deer that live freely. Visitors are also free to interact with the deer, including feeding.

Not only that, there are also hot spring facilities and waterboom areas. In Ranca Upas Ciwidey there are also restaurants with a variety of local and foreign preparations. That is the most visited tourist attraction in Bandung. Although many already know that Bandung is rich in tourism, but it does not make visitors want to visit. Are you interested in entrepreneurship in Bandung?

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