Vacation with Family to Tourism in East Java Mojokerto

A vacation to tourist attractions in East Java will not be complete without stopping by Mojokerto, especially in Trawas. One of the sub-districts in Mojokerto Regency holds a fairly diverse tourism potential with various interesting tourist attractions in it.

This is inseparable from the location of Trawas which is at the foot of Mount Arjuno Welirang and Asuransian.This place has a cool air temperature, so many tourists are intereste in exploring it and exploring further the attractions it has.

One of them is to build a variety of facilities that are quite adequate including road access that will make it easier for tourists to visit the desired Trawas tourist attractions. Tourist destinations in Trawas have their own attractions that may not be found anywhere else, especially those relate to the history of Majapahit’s glory in the past.

Let’s Take a Vacation with Family to Tourism in East Java Mojokerto

Well, let you not be curious about the potential of the tour, here is a list of tourist attractions in Trawas Mojekerto and its surroundings that you should consider this year:

1.      Rustic Market Trawas

Rustic Market is one of the cafes that recently went viral in Trawas, Mojokerto.By carrying the concept of Rustik in a European style, here you can hunt instagramable photo sfot with a kinci angir background such as in the Netherlands and several other buildings in Europe set in rice fields and mountains.

The café, which opened on July 31, 2021, offers a Photo Spot that is popular with tourists. So in addition to enjoying the menu provided, you can also spend time with beautiful selfies there. No need to worry, with a cost ranging from Rp. 10,000-80,000 you can relax and enjoy the dishes provided. Location: Selotapak Village, Trawas District, Mojokerto Regency.

2.      Jungle Camp Trawas

In addition to Rustic Market, Jungle Camp Cafe Grand Whiz also suddenly went viral in 2021. The addition of spot bru in the form of a transparent tent decorated with lights looks unique in the eyes of tourists. This unique café is one of the hangouts that is open during the Covid-19 pandemic.Location: Jl. Raya Trawas, Jibru, Belik, Kec. Trawas, Mojokerto.

3.      Poetoek Soeko Trawas

Located in the highlands, Poetoek Soeko becomes the new prima donna in Mojokerto. This tourist attraction is a mountainous area combine with Rainbow Garden fille with sunflowers covering an area of 7,000 square meters.

4.      Petirtaan Jolotundo Temple

Petirtaan Jolotundo is an exotic bathing pool located in the Jolotundo Temple complex. This pond is believe to be a bathing place for the Majapahit Royal family which has been built since 997 AD. The term Jolotundo has the meaning of water coming out of a multilevel shower. Of course, this uniqueness makes some people will not miss looking for beautiful photo spots in some corners.

Want to Go on Which Tour Today?

Well, those are some trawas tourist destinations that can be explore during a vacation to Mojokerto.  In addition to the above tours, we can also visit some exotic waterfalls in Mojokerto or climb Mount Asuransian which is full of legends and historical stories. Let’s go on vacation to Mojokerto!

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