4 Things to Prepare Before Traveling Jambi Kerinci

Indonesia is known as the country of the barah ring, this designation is none other than because of the existence of volcanoes in Indonesia, which are not small in number. One of them is Mount Kerinci (3,805 masl) which is famous as the highest volcano in Indonesia. Well, for that, it’s a good idea if you prepare what is needed when going to Traveling Jambi Kerinci.

Although it has been named the highest volcano in Indonesia, it turns out that this mountain is widely admired by tourists. The sensation of climbing Mount Kerinci is recognized as more challenging and the natural scenery is truly amazing. Then, how do we go to Traveling Jambi Kerinci? Here is the review!

4 Things to Prepare Before Traveling Jambi Kerinci

1. Must Be Willing to Take Public Transportation

Mount Kerinci can be reached by land through the city of Jambi, the city of Padang, Lubuk Linggau, and Bengkulu. These four routes are easy to reach, tourists or climbers can use public buses or travel from Jambi, Padang, Lubuk Linggau, and Bengkulu to the Full River and ask to go down to Kersik Tuo Village, Kayu Aro District.

For tourists who do not want to use public transportation, they can use private vehicles only because the journey is quite long from urban areas around 7-9 hours.

2. You Can Stay First or Climb Directly

After arriving at the village of Kersik Tuo tourists or climbers can take place to the guard post

TNKS (Kerinci Seblat National Park) for 45 minutes across the tea plantation. This post is already at an altitude of 1611 meters above sea level so that here it already feels very cold.

But if you are still tired of traveling 7-9 hours from the city, tourists or climbers can stay first in the Kersik Tuo Village area or at the Kayu Aro place. There are quite a lot of homestays here and can be booked through an online hotel booking application.

3. Don’t Forget to Bring a Tent Because Climbing Mount Kerinci Must Be Ready to Stay in the Middle of Nature

Mount Kerinci has an altitude of 3,805 meters above sea level and to be able to reach the top it takes more than 12 hours from Kersik Tuo Village, even if it is only the time to rise, it has not yet descended. So logically, climbers need more than 24 hours to be able to go up and down this mountain.

Not allowing humans not to rest for a full 24 hours? For this reason, tents are mandatory equipment for climbers of Mount Kerinci. Don’t forget to bring enough supplies and logistics so that you can replenish your energy while climbing on this mountain.

4. Four Dangerous Things on Mount Kerinci

Even though it is the prima donna of climbers, Mount Kerinci is still a nature that holds many mysteries. So, climbers must be aware of things that may happen while climbing this mountain. It is said that there are four dangerous things that Kerinci climbers need to be aware of. Arbitrary? Here is the list:

  • Going up and down to Shelter 3 is quite a thrilling thing when going to Kerinci because climbers will be challenged to pass through extreme paths that are quite steep. You have to be careful if you don’t want to be mired in falling into this path.
  • Sumatran tigers that are said to be still roaming around are also things to watch out for when climbing Kerinci. It would be nice to invite friends when climbing so that the climb becomes more conducive.
  • Volcanic ash and the smell of sulfur often appear in Kerinci even more so in the morning. Climbers should be careful because Kerinci is still active.

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  • The unpredictable weather used to decorate the twists and turns of climbers. In Kerinci it can be suddenly sunny but it can suddenly rain so that climbers must be prepared for these two weathers at any time.

Well, those were some reviews that discuss Traveling Jambi Kerinci with the 4 things above can be used as a guide for those of you who want to climb to Mount Kerinci.

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