Visiting Bunaken Island, The Best Marine Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia is known for having many beautiful islands such as Bali and Lombok. However, other than these two islands, another island that has become a favorite to many international tourists is Bunaken Islands. A bit different from the other two, Bunaken is not popular for its beach but it is more popular for its marine and underwater life.

Where Is Bunaken? How to Get There?

Bunaken Island is in Manado Bay which is also adjacent to a few islands such as Mantigage Islands, and Siladen Island. As it is in Manado, visitors must take a stop at Manado City. From this city, they can then continue their journey to Marina Harbor and ride a fast boat or a normal boat. A fast boat will get you to the island in around 15 minutes, while the normal boat will take approximately 30 minutes.

Top Things to Do in Bunaken

Everything in Bunaken is just beautiful and exciting to see. The beach of the island itself is just beautiful. However, to make sure you make out the best of your time, then here are the top things to do:

1. Diving

One of the main attractions of Bunaken Island is its marine and underwater life. This island is known for having various numbers of fish species, that you may not even know about. Therefore, when coming here, diving is a must! Overall, there are 20 spots for diving that people can choose from. Even though they are in the same sea, divers will surely see a different kind of beauty in each spot.

2. Snorkeling

If you’re not a fan of diving, then enjoy the fish by snorkeling. Even though you are swimming in shallow spaces, you can still see pretty fish and coral reefs around. As it is not too deep, make sure to bring your underwater camera to capture the beautiful moments.

3. See Marine Mammals

Rent a boat and go to the middle of the sea to see groups of whales and dolphins. If you’re lucky, you can see the whales and dolphins swimming in groups while jumping in and out of the water. However, before coming out in the middle of the sea, make sure that the weather is hot and clear.

4. Watching Sunset

It’s a bit cliché, however, watching a sunset on Bunaken Island is a relaxing activity to do especially after a tiring day. By sitting on the side of the island, you can see the sky turning into yellow-orange color. To complete the moment, enjoy the scenery with a cold drink.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to enter the National Park is Rp 150.000 for foreigners. However, for local people, the entrance fee is Rp 50.000. The tickets can be purchased through marine tourism operators that can be found around Manado. For those traveling on a travel tour, make sure to check whether this entrance fee is included or not.

So, if you’re looking for a new world to travel to, then make sure to explore Bunaken Island. On this island, you’ll not only enjoy the beach but also the beautiful underwater life.

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