It is second to none! Yogyakarta Tourism is Definitely Worth Visiting!

Speaking of Yogyakarta tourism, there are many interesting tourist destinations that can be visited when you come to the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Starting from natural tourism, cooking tours, historical places to some of the latest Jogja tourist attractions that are guaranteed to be hits and contemporary.

Now for those who are currently confused about finding tourist attractions for families, Jogja can be a very appropriate choice. Not only on vacation, you can also invite children to visit many historical places in Jogja. Here are some recommendations for Yogyakarta tourism places that must be visited.

It is second to none! Yogyakarta Tourism is Definitely Worth Visiting!

1. Borobudur Temple Jogja

The recommended tourist attractions that must be visited while in Jogja are the historical places of Borobudur Temple. Just hearing the name, of course some of you are familiar with this popular tourist attraction in Jogja.

As is already known that Borobudur Temple is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Moreover, this temple has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list that must be maintained and preserved.

2. Prambanan Temple Tour in Jogja

Unlike Borobudur Temple which is a Buddhist temple, Prambanan Temple is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. When viewed from the reliefs, this temple tells the story of Ramayana and Krishnaya.

Not only can they enjoy the temple building, visitors can also enjoy the Rama Shinta performance held by the manager. It is mandatory to know that on ordinary days the show is held indoors.

But during the full night, Rama Shinta’s performance was held in an open room where Prambanan Temple acted as the background. It will definitely look real and amazing as hell. So for those of you who stop by the right event to be held, make sure not to miss it.

3. Indrayanti Beach Gunung Kidul

For those who like to travel on the beach, it is not complete if you don’t come to Indrayanti beach, Gunung Kidul while in Jogja. With a stretch of clean white sand and natural scenery that is still beautiful, making this beach crowded with tourists. Not only that, the location of Indrayanti Gunung Kidul Beach which is easy to reach is the reason many tourists are interested in stopping here.

4. Nglambor Gunung Kidul Beach

Not only Indrayanti beach, another beach in Jogja that also offers amazing natural beauty is Nglambor Gunung Kidul Beach. Did you know that for this one beach can be used for snorkeling activities.

Unlike the southern beaches in general, Nglambor Gunung Kidul Beach has a fairly calm atmosphere. So for those who stop by this beach, make sure to do snorkeling activities and enjoy the enchanting beauty of its underwater nature.

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5. Parangtritis Beach Attractions in Jogja

When compared to the two beaches mentioned earlier, Parangtritis Beach remains the most popular beach in Jogja. So don’t be surprised if this beach is always crowded with tourists, especially when the weekend comes.

Not only does it present a natural scenery that is so enchanting, this beach also has quite large and strong waves. One more special feature of this beach is that not only can you enjoy the beach, visitors can also try playing paragliding. Curious about the excitement of traveling to Jogja? Be sure to come there when the holidays come. Guaranteed, fun trips and interesting experiences will be found there. Happy visiting!

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